Here are some art that struck my heart from the Horrorwood show I'm currently in {I add just some, as there are so much much more of wonders to see}. I hope you would enjoy it as much as I did:

Ben Kehoe "Bad First Impression of Land"

Julian Callos "Blood Bond"

Charlie Immer "Blob"

Jon MacNair "The Undead"

Coup de Grace (Matt Duffin and Flannery Horan) "Sitting Duck"

David Chung "Finger-Crab and Gillman Try on Mustaches for His Big Date"

David Ball "The End"

JAW Cooper "His Father's Eyes"

And, here is my contribution:
Jana Brike "Fog in Lily's Room"


... for the first time in my life.
See the progress shots, in plasticine yet.
I'm having lots of fun and hard times too, but I'm enjoying this whole new process.

just a beginning..

after a day or so..

and after some more days of work..

..more progress to come..