suggestive animation

For today's inspiration, I stumbled across this beautiful russian animation about a young lady who fell in love with a devil.. If you watch it to the end, it is sad and painful. Yet it makes me wonder, how is it possible that such an old tale can be so contemporary and touch the soul so fairly.

{"About Crayfish" Made by russian animator Valentin Olshvang }



to say hello

I am an artist, and I have made this place for you to get more information about my upcoming shows, see my inspirations, process and results of my work, read the notes, previews, reviews, announcements, revelations, disclosures and such.

I have been sooo looking forward to invite you to my strange little wonderful art world full of oddities and marvels, sweetness and perilousness, peaceful vague happiness, dark little secrets and overflowing craving to dream!

Talk to you soon



{Mixed media painting on paper on board for my upcoming solo show "The Lost Children" this May in the Distinction gallery, California}