animated magic

from Ghibli studio this summer

It is written among the limitless constellations of the celestial heavens, and in the depths of the emerald seas, and upon every grain of sand in the vast deserts that the world which we see is an outward and visible dream of an inward and invisible reality.
{from 'the thief and the cobbler'}


first love kiss

I have two limited editions on my etsy shop today. They both are digital experiments or exploratory works - studies, but I find them pure and poetic just as they are.
It's all about the first love.. take a look!
{the blooming wounds of Rosalie}
{bride of the butterfly}

*update: the prints have all sold, thank you* 

And, one of most romantic poems ever I cite below. This is my feeling of what love is.

She drove a big ol' Lincoln with suicide doors
And a sewing machine in the back
And a light bulb that looked like an alligator egg
Was mounted up front on the hood

And she had an Easter bonnet that had been signed by Tennessee Ernie Ford
And she always had saw dust in her hair
And she cut two holes in the back of her dress
and she had these scapular wings
That were covered with feathers and electrical tape
And when she got good and drunk
She would sing about Elkheart, Indiana
Where the wind is strong and folks mind their own business

And she had at least a hundred old baseballs that she'd taken from kids
And she collected bones of all kinds
And she lived in a trailer under a bridge
And she made her own whiskey and gave cigarettes to kids
And she'd been struck by lightning seven or eight times
And she hated the mention of rain

And she made up her own language
And she wore rubber boots
And she could fix anything with string
And her lips were like cherries
And she was stronger than any man
And she smelled like gasoline and Rootbeer Fizz
And she put mud on a bee sting I got at the creek
And she gave me my very first kiss
And she gave me my very first kiss

Talking 'bout my little Kathleen
She's just a fine young thing
Someday she'll wear my ring
My little Kathleen

{lyrics of the Tom Waits song 'First Kiss'}


bidding is open!!

I'm here to announce: the bidding for the "JEST in Time: The Phylogenesis of Clowns" show pieces has started!!
Click the button to see all of the artworks and bid bid bid if you like any of them:
The "buy it now" prices will end on Saturday at 9pm pst. The remaining pieces will be straight auction through September 4th at 3pm pst. Bidding is very simple and can be done directly online.

Here, you have a wonderful opportunity to purchase a really truly amazing addition to your collection for a very reasonable ammount of money, or, if you don't have any such art collection of yours - why don't you start one :)

Some of my favourites below {I would like to repost almost all of them, as I like so many, but I'll limit myself to just some..}:
{Michael Brown, "Glassy Eyes"}
{Ana Bagayan, "The Suitors"}
{Daniel Lim, "Fawn Fruits Clown"}
{Luis Lorenzana, "untitled"}
{Buddy Nestor, "Every Clown Came From Hell"}
{Martin Wittfooth, "Nocturne"}
{Tiffany Liu, "I Hate Clowns Smash Them"}
{Ben Kehoe, "A Difficult Situation to Gauge"}
{Brian Despain, "A Simple Audience"} 
{Dan Barry, "Laugh and Wait"}
Okay, I cannot stop myself, here's another wonderful one:
{Christopher Umana, "Joy Of The Worm"} 
And here's me:

{Jana Brike, "The Consecration of a Clown"}


Here is how I see art collecting:
As for me, the form of my work is to visualize some nondescript states of human existence by producing very private, very intimate imagery. I speak about the poetry of being alive and breathing in this bizarre illogical surreal world of ours, and this poetry grasps fear, love, disgrace, death, tenderness, growing pains, afterlife, sex, eternity.. and other totally human conditions. I speak about it my way.
If I and you at least for one single second pulse with one frequency, you’ll understand my way, and I’ll understand yours, and my visualized image will be your image. Thus, as I see it, the art collecting is a very deeply conscious, highly creative, intimately cognitive pursuit. The right object finds the right person sooner or later, and there is some mystery in this, as if we all were connected in an invisible network, where the right connection happens in the right time..


living in a storybook

My "Little Salome playing" painting of the Lost children show in Distinction gallery was just featured as a book cover for a storybook "Mierinājums Ādama kokam" {which means something like "Comfort for Adam's tree"} by a young tallanted Latvian writer Inga Zolude. Hope it gets translated into English some day, as it is truly captivating curious little book as well as a simply good reading matter.. realistic to the backbone in the way of sensing love, death, society, little nothings of life.. but sometimes so sensitively surreal that you have to start to believe that you yourself are truly alive and living inside of just some story like this....

Hope that the story where YOU live in is full to the brim with love, wonders, laughter, poetry, ardour, magic, beauty, craze of living and with some wisdom and peace as well..


Jana's webpage revised

Yey!! I've reshaped and supplemented my webpage at last!

Here's the page, come see:



profound feelings

Wonderful magical things, coming straight from the hearts of other people {called art, or culture}, do kindle our passion and inspire us a lot, don't they?

 One of my today's findings is a subtle bewitching video made of paintings by an amazing American artist Anne Siems. Here it is:

... between the lines a dream is hiding ... from Robert Campbell on Vimeo.

Her paintings are incredibly magical on their own as well..

{Anne Siems "Roost" 2008}

The second "finding" was actually presented to me by a sweet wise friend who's sharing my passions as it seems {there's a thin line between real friends and network friends now. I cross it!}.
It is 'just' a trailer of a film. But it is so magical that pulls at my heartstrings more than the very most part of full movies usually do..

{Searching for the full film now}
And my third finding of the day is to be seen below. Adopted them {for couple of dollars} in the local flea market. Will use for petting, inspiration and installations.
Here is the lovely threesome:

The lady in the middle lacks one leg. I'll have to do a wooden one for her I guess.

I particularly am fond of this little guy. He's made of wood, has prickly flaxwaste hair and creepy sweet painted face..
Nice aren't they?