happy new year!

I do lists of works to do and summits to attain on a small scraps of paper in the beginning of new years, and I loose those scraps a week later usually.

But I found my last years’ list while cleaning my studio today. And i was amazed to see that all has fulfilled with no pain, with no struggle and peacefully.

This’s been a strange strange year. lots of disclosures and ruminations.

new amazing gateways have opened a short while after a lot of old ones have closed a bit painfully.

Life is magical!



Some small part of my "Science of Sleep" series is exhibited in the tiny beautiful Latvian city Sigulda, in the Baltais Flīģelis. It is a soft white little winter solo, if you happen to pass by, come in and have a look!

In the photo - mixed media on canvas piece "Scientist of Sleep" 



The owl and the raven

Mr Frog Went A-Courting



The opening of the "Subtleties of Character" show is tonight. In my heart I'm going to be there while my body stays snowbound in the winter of Latvia.
To see all the wonderful selection done by Dan Barry go to the preview page here.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the show, call the gallery at 310.836.4992 or email.
I'll post just some of the pieces which moved me most:

Mia Makila
"Little Grace With Killer Doll"
Fred Stonehouse
Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy
"Dictator Man"

Matt Dangler
"The Honey Hoarder"

Jeremiah Ketner

Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy

  Richard J Frost
"Broken Dolls #3"

Tiffany Liu
"Swan Ride on Rainbow River"

 Kevin Peterson
"Sunnyside Up"

"The Sweet Chase"

Saratoga Sake

Okay, i'll stop before i have reposted all the show.
Go to the preview page to see/buy more wonders.

Here are my lovely contributions:

"The Most Delicious Bloom"

"The Magical Beast of Miss Emily"

"Mr. Tomy's Night of Wonders"

"Lady Who Wanted to Hide in a Forest"



I'm working and working and working at some wonderful curious projects now, more info coming in the near future. But for now - I'm going to have a few works in a new group show which is going to open in the 10th of December and run through 15th of January. It is curated by a wonderful artist and dear friend Dan Barry and features some truly amazing and inspiring artists. Go to the WWA gallery to be added to the preview list, and have fun being one of the first to see and acquire their new wonders!

And what is most exciting - the painting on the invitations etc. is my "The most delicious bloom"! It is such an honour to be in the front of this AMAZING lineup, as the show includes some of my very favorite artists as well as some friends!!
Beside this one, I'm going to have 3 more drawings on wood in the show, so you are very much welcome to drop in if you happen to spend the December in the sunny California!

More pictures coming after the show opens, this is just a teaser ;)