I'm working and working and working at some wonderful curious projects now, more info coming in the near future. But for now - I'm going to have a few works in a new group show which is going to open in the 10th of December and run through 15th of January. It is curated by a wonderful artist and dear friend Dan Barry and features some truly amazing and inspiring artists. Go to the WWA gallery to be added to the preview list, and have fun being one of the first to see and acquire their new wonders!

And what is most exciting - the painting on the invitations etc. is my "The most delicious bloom"! It is such an honour to be in the front of this AMAZING lineup, as the show includes some of my very favorite artists as well as some friends!!
Beside this one, I'm going to have 3 more drawings on wood in the show, so you are very much welcome to drop in if you happen to spend the December in the sunny California!

More pictures coming after the show opens, this is just a teaser ;)


  1. Wow! Dear Jane, we saw your artwork for the horrorwood show, and it was simply amazing! The details, the theme and the mood! This one looks even better if that's possible!!! You've got two new fans!