living in a storybook

My "Little Salome playing" painting of the Lost children show in Distinction gallery was just featured as a book cover for a storybook "Mierinājums Ādama kokam" {which means something like "Comfort for Adam's tree"} by a young tallanted Latvian writer Inga Zolude. Hope it gets translated into English some day, as it is truly captivating curious little book as well as a simply good reading matter.. realistic to the backbone in the way of sensing love, death, society, little nothings of life.. but sometimes so sensitively surreal that you have to start to believe that you yourself are truly alive and living inside of just some story like this....

Hope that the story where YOU live in is full to the brim with love, wonders, laughter, poetry, ardour, magic, beauty, craze of living and with some wisdom and peace as well..

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  1. Ļoti interesanti un skaisti izskatās, noteikti sameklēšu grāmatu! Paldies Jana!
    Ar cieņu,