profound feelings

Wonderful magical things, coming straight from the hearts of other people {called art, or culture}, do kindle our passion and inspire us a lot, don't they?

 One of my today's findings is a subtle bewitching video made of paintings by an amazing American artist Anne Siems. Here it is:

... between the lines a dream is hiding ... from Robert Campbell on Vimeo.

Her paintings are incredibly magical on their own as well..

{Anne Siems "Roost" 2008}

The second "finding" was actually presented to me by a sweet wise friend who's sharing my passions as it seems {there's a thin line between real friends and network friends now. I cross it!}.
It is 'just' a trailer of a film. But it is so magical that pulls at my heartstrings more than the very most part of full movies usually do..

{Searching for the full film now}
And my third finding of the day is to be seen below. Adopted them {for couple of dollars} in the local flea market. Will use for petting, inspiration and installations.
Here is the lovely threesome:

The lady in the middle lacks one leg. I'll have to do a wooden one for her I guess.

I particularly am fond of this little guy. He's made of wood, has prickly flaxwaste hair and creepy sweet painted face..
Nice aren't they?


  1. So sweet Jana....
    Love all your posts!


  2. Hi Jana! thank you so much for sharing the beautiful anne siems painting film, i really love it and i'm so happy to have discovered this amazing artist!
    i like the small doll you got! i also got a doll a few months ago in a flea market, it is very poetic with a linen face and funky hair like white beige fur or something, pale dress passed with time- i've made an installation with her in a basket in my living room :) x blandine

  3. to Anna: thanks love!! :)

    to Blandine: Oh, I thought you might like this little film!!
    It's a pity you're not in FB anymore, would love to follow your events, works, doll purchases, etc.. :)