"book of taboo" show

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"The Blossoming Wounds of Daddy's Princess"
2011, Mixed media on canvas, 37.75 x 27.75 inches
Framed to 43.25 x 33.25 inches


  1. Hello Jana, I just discovered your work and it is breathtakingly beautiful and haunting. I love the fragile and alienated looks of the young adults you depict. Really amazing.

    I wish you best of luck with your show!

  2. Thank you Kaspian!!
    Thanks for making a contact, your art is so beautiful too!

  3. Congratulations!! Jana Amazing and great you show :)

  4. Hey Jana, I was just wondering if you had any new work coming up and noticed I've never read your reply on here. Thank you so much for the compliment! :)
    Are you working on anything new?