Review of some oldies but goodies {i think}

I did a series called ‘Altered Memory’ last year. It consisted of small monochromatic paintings, like these:

{"hunters from sunday school"}

{"a boy who told stories"}

{"a boy who came to fight with an animal"}


I was looking through my family photos as a part of preparation, and there were “disturbances” in my emotional and actual remembrance, even if the photos were taken not so long ago.

It is especially interesting with the photos from childhood – these stories and events are emotionally very close, they have once happened to me in person; but in the same time it is as hard to remember them correctly in detail as a book read a long time ago. Or even harder.

The old events are now mixed together with childhood fantasies, imagination, tales and inventions, which once were as real as facts... as well as got altered by the present visions, the things I want to supplement, or what I don’t want to remember, or what I’ve been told by others, but do not remember.

It was fun to try to depict these strange, altered states of memory in my drawings, capturing their enigmatic nature.. hazy, obscure, dim, patinated, half erased but embellished, stained by spots of indefinable origin but dear – just as antique photographs..

** If you have bought or know whereabouts of any of the paintings above, please write and tell me, you will make me most happy! :) Thanks!**


  1. I've seen these in flesh! Thanks for background story, love your style and way of thinking!!
    Wish you lots of success & to find your lost works!!!!!!!
    Anna Richter

  2. A wonderful highly private train of thought. And the paintings are very emotional delicate little jewels.

  3. Wonderful paintings and wonderful story behind them! I'm so happy to have one of your incredible artworks in my collection Jana!