drawing cause

I used to do drawing just as a part of my preparation for my big ‘serious’ painting. But sometimes I got carried away in the process and completed these groundworks to elaborated delicacy.

Sometimes there is even more life-blood, vivacity and poetic imagery in the drawing; and sometimes this all wither completely when I try to transfer the idea to a corresponding image in some more ‘serious’ material. So, I keep doing drawing.

I have been asked - how do I do it, where do I start. I start with peace of mind and enjoyment, and then I draw, looking in my heart for the sensation that wants to come out in sight..
Here is a tiny video that a friend of mine did composing the working process photos of my drawing called “jungle of Anabelle’s heart”. Enjoy!

Oh, and I'm definitely going to do a real hand-drawn animation one day! :)

{A close-lipped whisper in your ear: This video is also a peek into my upcoming solo show “The Lost Children” in the Distinction gallery, in this May}


  1. This drawing is SO WONDERFUL Jana!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And the process together with that music - it makes me cry!!!
    I'm the bigest fan of yours!!!!!!

    Anna Richter

  2. Your drawing process, and with this music, is heart-rending (in a good way).
    I will be absolutely looking forward to your hand-drawn animation Jana!

  3. Thanks guys, you make my day!! :)

  4. So beautiful!! I like the soft balance between fine art and illustration in your art.
    Please do an animation, I can picture to myself your characters moving, it would look incredible.....